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2015-Spring Pump Academy IFSAC Fire Officer l & ll Test

IFSAC Fire Officer l & ll Test    (ODA)
Class Description : If you have the pre- requisites and are planning to take this Fire Officer l & ll test you must register by October 5th, 2014. All registrants will be contacted prior to the testing for further instructions. You must be able to show the pre-qualifications in order to take the KCFTOA test. Links are provided below for the skill sheets to study for the IFSAC Fire Officer 1 & 2 test. For Information Contact: Test Control Officer- Greg Baruso Port of Seattle Fire Phone: 206.787.4651 baruso.g@portseattle.org

Topics Include :

   • Study Guide Options:
   • IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, Fourth Edition, Text and Study Guide available at www.fireservicebooks.com

Class Prerequisites : Firefighter l IFSAC Certification; Firefighter ll IFSAC Certification

Instructor 1 IFSAC Certification

Hazardous Material Operations IFSAC Certification

Proof of Training to Fire Officer l Standard and Verification of Completion of Skill Sheets

ODA Complete Certificate does account for the above prerequisite

Pre-Class Assignments :    •  Proof of Pre-Requistes
   •  Link to Skill Sheets: http://www.wsp.wa.gov/fire/docs/cert/fofficer1_eval.pdf
   •  http://www.wsp.wa.gov/fire/docs/cert/fofficer2_eval.pdf
   •  Recommended Reading
   •  IFSTA Fire Department Company Officer, 4th Edition
   •  IFSTA Chief Officer, 2nd Edition
   •  WSP Evaluation Sheets
   •  Recommended Reading for Fire Officer ll
   •  The Above Mentioned as well as: NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, 2004 Edition
   •  IFSTA Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement, 6th Edition
   •  IFSTA Fire Department Occupational Safety, 2nd Edition

Instructor :

Location : Seattle Joint Training Facility   9401 Myers Way South Seattle, 98108

2015-Spring Pump Academy
Class Description : Maximum Students: (24) April 20th is at Northshore Fire Station and April 21-24, 2015 is at the North Bend Fire Academy. This 5 day course takes the student from review and apparatus inspections to pump testing, drafting, relay pumping and basic fire attack operations. Both classroom and hands on drills all week. Students should read and review the IFSTA Handbook and Study Guide 1st or 2nd Edition before class to have some type of understanding of the basics. Limited time is allotted to review the basics. If you have any apparatus that you can bring with you to use for this academy please contact KCFTOA. The support is welcomed. Lunch is provided April 21-24 at North Bend Academy

Topics Include :

   • Driving apparatus review, Discuss EVAP, Introduction to pumps. Review apparatus inspections. Hydraulics:rule of thumb fire ground, IFSTA methods, nozzle requirements.
   • Day 2 North Bend Training Academy
   • Basic pump operation, discussion on operations, drills & safety. Fire ground operations,
   • Day 3 North Bend Training Academy
   • Work with apparatus, advanced pumping operations, discussion on principles and drills, safety.
   • Day 4 North Bend Training Academy
   • Discussion on drafting, dual pumping, tandem pumping. Discussion on principles and drills. Fire ground operations drafting and pumping.
   • Day 5 North Bend Training Academy
   • Pump testing, drafting, relay pumping and basic fire attack operations. Test on materials presented.

Pre-Class Assignments :    •  IFSTA Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook (1st or 2nd Edition)
   •  IFSTA Pumping Apparatus Driver Operator Study Guide (1st or 2nd Edition)

Instructor : Greg Rudiger, Ken Hofschulte

Location : Northshore Fire Department  7220 NE 181 ST Kenmore, WA , 98028
    WSP Fire Training Academy  50810 Grouse Ridge Road North Bend, 98055

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