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2014-Truck Academy IFSAC Fire Officer l & ll Test Technical Writing (extra class)

2014-Truck Academy
Class Description : September 29 - October 3, 2014 Organizations are not required to have Truck Companies to attend this valuable training. All firefighters are encouraged to participate as it is advantageous for further fire ground success. Classroom is at Woodinville Fire Station #31; Field Activity is at a vacated site a short distance away. 1/2 hour is given for lunch so plan to bring what you need as there is little time to go off site for lunch. Lunch NOT INCLUDED! For more information about the class please contact: Bryce Riddel briddell@wf-r.org

Topics Include :

   • Ventilation Lecture * Ventilation theory and operations, laddering and safety considertations and case study
   • Ventilation Practical Application * Rafter Rolling, Chalk Chainsaw, Residential, Commercial and Steep Pitch Operations, Chainsaw Maintenance and Safety.
   • Forcible Entry * Field application and hands-on training, Forcible Entry/Firefighter Emergency Egress Concepts, Forcible Entry Tools and Equipment.
   • Laddering, Large Area Search, RIT Operations * Air Management Principles for Search Operations and "Wide-Rise" Structures. Approach, Assessment, Packaging and Extrication of the Down Firefighter. Ground Ladder Operations for Effective Fireground Support. Large Area Search Techniques.

Required Class Materials :    •  Full PPE including SCBA and 1 spare bottle
   •  Chain Saw with spare chain, and fuel
   •  Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection
   •  Bring your own lunch

Instructor : Fire Town

Location : Woodinville Fire & Life Safety  17718 Woodinville Snohomish Rd. NE Woodinville, 98072

Technical Writing (extra class)    (ODA)
Class Description : Maximum Students: 40 THIS IS AN UNSCHEDULED ADDITIONAL CLASS FOR 2014. ALL STUDENTS WELCOME. This course teaches key principles of proper narrative report writing for emergency services, security, and first-responder personnel. Through guided discussion, group work, individual exercises and lecture. If you have any questions about the additional class or if you were registered in the first class feel free to contact us at: 425.255.1241

Topics Include :

   • Understanding Who Reads Your Reports Further Down the Line- Officers will learn that their reports dont just disappear once entered into the computer. They will learn to think of their audience when writing narrative reports.
   • The Various Reasons Information is Included- Officers will discover the myriad of reasons reports are written and answer the question "Why do we write reports?"
   • The Two Main Methods Used in Narrative Report Wrting - "Follow the Story", "Follow the Officer".
   • The Basic 6 Step Report Writing Format- A systematic way to write a "Follow the Story" style narrative.
   • Avoiding Libel (and accompanying lawsuits)
   • Labeling Persons in Reports
   • Proper Use of Jargon and Lingo
   • S.O.A.P. Format Review
   • Basic Grammar Refresher

Class Syllabus : Link to the Class Syllabus

Required Class Materials :    •  All materials provided the day of class

Instructor : Seth Grant

Location : Bellevue Fire Training Center  1838 116th Ave NE Bellevue, 98004

IFSAC Fire Officer l & ll Test    (ODA)
Class Description : If you have the pre- requisites and are planning to take this Fire Officer l & ll test you must register by October 5th, 2014. All registrants will be contacted prior to the testing for further instructions. You must be able to show the pre-qualifications in order to take the KCFTOA test. Links are provided below for the skill sheets to study for the IFSAC Fire Officer 1 & 2 test. For Information Contact: Test Control Officer- Greg Baruso Port of Seattle Fire Phone: 206.787.4651 baruso.g@portseattle.org

Topics Include :

   • Study Guide Options:
   • IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, Fourth Edition, Text and Study Guide available at www.fireservicebooks.com

Class Prerequisites : Firefighter l IFSAC Certification; Firefighter ll IFSAC Certification

Instructor 1 IFSAC Certification

Hazardous Material Operations IFSAC Certification

Proof of Training to Fire Officer l Standard and Verification of Completion of Skill Sheets

ODA Complete Certificate does account for the above prerequisite

Pre-Class Assignments :    •  Proof of Pre-Requistes
   •  Link to Skill Sheets: http://www.wsp.wa.gov/fire/docs/cert/fofficer1_eval.pdf
   •  http://www.wsp.wa.gov/fire/docs/cert/fofficer2_eval.pdf
   •  Recommended Reading
   •  IFSTA Fire Department Company Officer, 4th Edition
   •  IFSTA Chief Officer, 2nd Edition
   •  WSP Evaluation Sheets
   •  Recommended Reading for Fire Officer ll
   •  The Above Mentioned as well as: NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, 2004 Edition
   •  IFSTA Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement, 6th Edition
   •  IFSTA Fire Department Occupational Safety, 2nd Edition

Instructor :

Location : Seattle Joint Training Facility   9401 Myers Way South Seattle, 98108

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